Our Projects

At Oiltech we try keep our carbon footprint as minimal as possible in all we do, including our processing methodology, our energy consumption, and our carbon  absorption project.

Our Projects Include:

  • Planting of spekboom – the plant with the highest known carbon absorption abilities in the world. Oiltech undertakes to plant spekboom 1:1000 litres of waste oil processed at our Windhoek plant;

  • SolarTech – our plant is completely solarized, achieved in 2020

  • Bio remediation – all waste oil contaminated soil is remediated in our bio pit

Our Social Responsibility Projects Include:

  • Supporting our neighboring school Aris Grundschuhle with mattresses for their hostel, curtains, and electric fencing;

  • Educational training on responsible Water Management;

  • Supporting various animal welfare organisations such as various SPCAs, anti poaching units, Horse and Donkey Protection programs and several other worldwide relief programs;

  • Upliftment of workforce by making funds available to them for improving their skills, education and interest free loans to purchase larger items.

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