Our Vision

We are committed to preserving the environment by providing green
solutions for the disposal of waste oil, an enormous health hazard for the Government.

Oiltech aims to be the supplier of choice in Collecting and Recycling of waste oil for all industries in Namibia to ensure that we contribute to Global
Environmental conservation.

Our Values

  • Our Clients
  • Our Workforce
  • The Environment
  • Our Social Responsibility

At Oiltech We Act With

  • Transparency
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Safety

Our Company

Oiltech Namibia was established in 2012 with our head office and processing plant based in Windhoek.

We collect throughout Namibia with collection depots in Windhoek, the north and south of Namibia.

Oiltech is committed to providing a high quality service and products and therefore is aligned with ISO 9001:2015 requirements and aims to further align with ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 requirements by 2021.

Our purpose is to ensure that we contribute to Global Environmental Conservation according to national legal and statutory requirements.

Our Services

Waste Oil Collection and Recycling

Separation Pit Cleaning

Bio Remediation

Oil Spill Clean-Ups

Removal of HFO Sludge

Waste Oil Containment

Used Oil Filter Recycling

Our Environmental Footprint

We have successfully commissioned our Solar PV plant on 01 September 2020.

The environmental impact we have since then, is indicated below

Trees Saved

CO2 Emission Reduction

Coal Saved

Our Projects

At Oiltech we try keep our carbon footprint as minimal as possible in all we do, including our processing methodology, our energy consumption and our carbon absorption project.

Our Projects Include:

  • Planting of spekboom – the plant with the highest known carbon absorption abilities in the world. Oiltech undertakes to plant spekboom 1:1000 litres of waste oil processed at our Windhoek plant;
  • SolarTech – our plant is completely solarized, achieved in 2020
  • Bio remediation – all waste oil contaminated soil is remediated in our bio pit

Our Social Responsibility Projects Include:

  • Supporting our neighboring school Aris Grundschuhle with mattresses for their hostel, curtains and other necessities.
  • Educational training with the children at Aris Grundschule on responsible water management.
  • Supporting various animal welfare organizations such as various SPCA’s and anti-poaching units.
  • Local Horse and Donkey Protection programs.
  • Upliftment of workforce by making funds available to them for improving their skills, education and interest free loans to enrich their lives

Working together to save the environment...

We are committed to saving the Environment, offering our Clients excellent service, and empowering our Workforce.